Monday, August 4, 2014

Stubborn Plantar Wart No More - Success!

Hey all! I just wanted to drop in and give a quick update and show how the stubborn plantar wart, AKA verrcuca, and sometimes referred to as planter's wart, never came back. In fact, the spot where it once was is completely free of any mark or scar!

Last time I updated after photos the wart was gone, but you could still tell I had one there at one point as there was a mark on my skin from the healing process. That mark has completely vanished now and there's no sign of a scar. I'm very glad I didn't resort to freezing/lasering the wart which could be expensive AND leave a scar.

Just a reminder of what really worked for me (it's a very inexpensive and effective regimen!):

1. Duct tape 24/7 for a couple weeks (I actually used Gorilla Tape which can be found HERE)

2. Epsom salt soaks daily (You can get epsom salts HERE)

3. Salicylic acid pads starting week 2-3 & used 24/7 along with the duct tape covering the pads (Very cheap. The ones I used can be found HERE)

Here are the progress photos:

One before photo from December 4, 2013 (**I had already been using the duct tape method, so I had made a little progress, but was nowhere close to getting rid of the wart. However, it looked MUCH worse berfore)

And three After photos from today, August 4, 2014 (Although I had been trying different treatments it only took a few weeks of the duct tape 24/7, epsom salt soaks and salicylic acid pads to do their work on an other wise incredibly stubborn plantar wart)

Another improvement I've noticed is that the area just feels stronger and more normal. A few months ago I was still aware of the spot although the wart was gone. Every now and then I would worry a little bit about the wart coming back. It seems now that my fears can be put to rest because the wart is long gone and I almost never think about it and never have that uncomfortable awareness of the area.

So there it is! COMPLETELY gone! I feel so incredibly relived now that I'm able to go to the beach and the pool this summer and not worry about grossing people out with a big old plantar's wart on the bottom of my foot. If you're struggling with warts of your own I suggest you try the method I used as outlined in the older posts and rest assured that YOU CAN DEFEAT THE WARTS!

**Please post below if you have any questions or comments! I'd love to be able help in any way I can!

Happy wart slaying!