Monday, August 4, 2014

Stubborn Plantar Wart No More - Success!

Hey all! I just wanted to drop in and give a quick update and show how the stubborn plantar wart, AKA verrcuca, and sometimes referred to as planter's wart, never came back. In fact, the spot where it once was is completely free of any mark or scar!

Last time I updated after photos the wart was gone, but you could still tell I had one there at one point as there was a mark on my skin from the healing process. That mark has completely vanished now and there's no sign of a scar. I'm very glad I didn't resort to freezing/lasering the wart which could be expensive AND leave a scar.

Just a reminder of what really worked for me (it's a very inexpensive and effective regimen!):

1. Duct tape 24/7 for a couple weeks (I actually used Gorilla Tape which can be found HERE)

2. Epsom salt soaks daily (You can get epsom salts HERE)

3. Salicylic acid pads starting week 2-3 & used 24/7 along with the duct tape covering the pads (Very cheap. The ones I used can be found HERE)

Here are the progress photos:

One before photo from December 4, 2013 (**I had already been using the duct tape method, so I had made a little progress, but was nowhere close to getting rid of the wart. However, it looked MUCH worse berfore)

And three After photos from today, August 4, 2014 (Although I had been trying different treatments it only took a few weeks of the duct tape 24/7, epsom salt soaks and salicylic acid pads to do their work on an other wise incredibly stubborn plantar wart)

Another improvement I've noticed is that the area just feels stronger and more normal. A few months ago I was still aware of the spot although the wart was gone. Every now and then I would worry a little bit about the wart coming back. It seems now that my fears can be put to rest because the wart is long gone and I almost never think about it and never have that uncomfortable awareness of the area.

So there it is! COMPLETELY gone! I feel so incredibly relived now that I'm able to go to the beach and the pool this summer and not worry about grossing people out with a big old plantar's wart on the bottom of my foot. If you're struggling with warts of your own I suggest you try the method I used as outlined in the older posts and rest assured that YOU CAN DEFEAT THE WARTS!

**Please post below if you have any questions or comments! I'd love to be able help in any way I can!

Happy wart slaying!



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  2. Thank you for the inspiration to finally get rid of my plantar warts that I've had for over 7 years now! I've had TWO surgeries, the most recent one about 3 years ago, and have since given up on trying to get rid of them. Bad idea: they are now a huge cluster, at least twice the size of yours in the Before pictures. But I don't have time for the 2-3 times a day treatments like my Compound-W tube suggests, so your duct tape and Epsom salts remedy, with the corn remover pads later, sounds like it's just what I've been looking for. Thank you!!!

    1. So glad to hear this was able to inspire you Aileen! Consistency is key! It wasn't until I made sure to keep the duct tape on 24/7 other than when I was doing the epsom salt soaks (once daily and then picking out any dying skin, but making sure to sterilize EVERYTHING) that I was able to succeed. After a few week you should be able to start using the corn pads 24/7 as well. And if you duct tape over them it should help to keep them in place. You may have to pick out the dying skin again, but after a week or two you should have hit them hard enough. It should start healing up and vanishing from there.

      Best of luck! Ask any questions you might have.


  3. Glad to find your cure process .. but lacking total info. i.e. Tape over the corn plaster to hold in place ? How often is the corn plaster replaced ( one day , 2 days ?

  4. Hey hiwolf@,

    Sorry, I thought I had replied to this previously, but I'm not seeing my response. Anyway, yes I used duct tape over the corn pad. It helped to secure it and to continue suffocation of the wart and surrounding area a bit just to be extra confident that the plantar wart wasn't getting any sustenance. I replaced the corn pad for the wart treatment almost every day, but that was only because I continued to soak my foot in epsom salt water (very warm). If not and if the pad stayed in place I would have kept each there longer.

    Let me know if you have any more questions and let us know how you're wart battle is going! Good luck!


  5. Can I just ask when doing step 1 am I also soaking ? or am I just using the tape for 2-3 weeks, the begin the daily soaking. thank you Kristy

    1. Hi Kristy!

      Glad you asked... Soaking should start in the beginning with the duct taping, However, if you let the tape cover the plantar wart and don't let it breathe at all for the first couple days before soaking it shouldn't be a big deal. Just make sure when you start soaking that you dry the area around the wart before putting the tape back on so that it sticks well and creates a seal. Also, soaking will be very important during the salicylic acid pad phase. You can cover the pad with duct tape as well once it's on to secure it in place better. The key is persistence! That's how to get rid of plantar warts!

      Good luck, let me know what other questions you have and give us an update with how you're doing! Anyone should be able to get rid of stubborn plantar warts with enough persistence!


  6. Hi Rob,
    I just recently found this blog while searching for home remedies for my plantar warts. I used to only have 2 plantar warts, but over the past couple years about 5 more grew around them on my foot. Currently, I've been using the "wartstick" from the drug store along with duct tape and picking at the skin. I got to the point where I can pull on one of the warts and I think I see the roots, but it just REALLY hurts and I can't cut them out or anything. i'm thinking of trying the epsom salt because I'm soooo desperate. Could you tell me how much salt you used when you soaked your foot and also was it soaking it once a day?

    1. Hi Lisa! Glad you posted! I would definitely try the epsom salt soaks to start! (I actually got rid of a patch of small warts on my toe as a child using only epsom salt soaks each day) If you're in a lot of pain and have multiple plantar warts going, start there and start covering them in duct tape.

      Over the course of a few weeks the pain may subside a little. If I were you I would also start taking some antiviral supplements and/or foods (for example, vitamin C and garlic) Warts come from a strain of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and so antiviral foods and supplements can help heal you from the inside. If you'd like a list of natural antiviral agents I can post that as well.

      Lastly, if you're eating the standard American diet (SAD) then I highly suggest starting to eat more naturally. That means fresh veggies, some fruits, quality, unprocessed meats for example. I can tell you that when I suffered with my plantar wart it would become more painful every time that I ate low quality foods and especially foods high in starch and/or sugar.

      Also, try to lower stress. Stress wreaks havoc on the immune system allowing viruses to show their ugly sides even more.

      Hopefully the multifaceted approach (diet, soaks, stress reduction) helps you get rid of your plantar warts! One last, and most important, piece of advice is to stay encouraged! It may take some trial and error and dedication, but you can get rid of plantar warts more easily than many may think!

      Duct tape 24/7, epsom salt soaks daily (use a cup or so in warm to hot water), after a few weeks if they've begun shriveling up at all and are lower in pain try salicylic acid pads, eat healthy (low sugar, low starch, unprocessed, organic,,, try GAPS Diet..., take antiviral supplements and foods, relax, and stay dedicated!

      I wish you the best Lisa! Thanks again for reading! I hope you have success! Let us all know how you're doing!


  7. Hi there, I have multiple warts on both my feet. I thought they were callouses ( I am totally embarresed by them I kept thinking "what grown women gets plantar warts"!!) and just delt with them for atleast a year before they really started causing pain. I finally went to see a podiatrist and we are doing the duct tape 24/7 with daily application of a 50% salacid mixture, with him scrapping and freezing them. I've seen him 2 times now, in the last few weeks. I have a question for you, when you take the duct tape off do you find the skin around the wart to be white and peeling? More then just the wart...also do you scrape and pick at the wart daily? Anyways I can barely walk some days and especially the day of and after my appointment. I am determined to get rid of these suckers but man it hurts!!! Thanks.

  8. I can't believe I have to join this plantar wart forum. I have the worst case ever my doc said. i run marathons and swim and hottub, steamroom....So painful. Had laser surgery didn't work...My running sucks now....worst thing ever! Hoe is there no antibiotic???

  9. Hey Rob it's Lisa again, I posted up there ^^^ in February!
    So unfortunately I had my whole comment typed out, then i hit preview, and it erased it all. But to summarize what I had written, I know this is your blog but I thought I would just give you/ and whoever else reads this an update on my warts and what worked for me!
    I did end up buying the Epsom salt like you said, but I'm a lazy 19 year old and I didn't feel like filling up a tub of hot water ever, so I never really opened it.
    What did end up working for me though was exactly what I said I was doing in my last comment. I applied the Wartstick to my warts every night, covered it with duct tape, left the tape over night and into the morning. (Sometimes I had to wear a sock to sleep so the tape wouldn't come off in the night) I work out in the morning, so I would leave the tape on through my workout and then after when my feet were sweaty (sorry that's gross), I would take the tape off and the warts and skin around it WOULD BE all white, soft, and peeling (to anonymous up there). That's where I think the epsom salt would work, if I hadn't worked out, the salt soak would have really helped soften the skin. And then I picked at the skin to remove all the dead skin and try to pick out the warts, if it really hurt then I stopped and just put the Wartstick and more duct tape on it. I repeated this daily and found that i was able to pick off more and more of the wart, until some of the roots actually came out of my foot. Now about 2 months later my foot is almost smooth and you can barely see the warts. there is a tiny bit of one left because I stopped treating them for the past week or so, but nothing has grown back or anything.
    To the person up there, I've been in your shoes. I went to the doctors and did the acid treatment which hurt SOOOOO bad. it was totally not worth it, I stopped after 2 treatments because I didn't see a difference and it was just toooo painful. I've also tried "Freeze-off" i did antibiotic pills that were prescribed to me, I also have tried wart band aids. Nothing worked other than the wartstick, duct tape, and picking at them daily. It was annoying to do every day, but it really did work for me!
    Thanks Rob! because by replying to my last comment, you really gave me the motivation to really stick with it and get rid of these warts. Like i said before I had close to 10 warts all together along the bottom of my foot and were going up the side, and now there's barely anything!
    Hope this helps somebody else who reads this!

  10. Lisa,

    That's so great to hear! Thank you for sharing your story!

    I'm very glad that the method worked for you. As far as the epsom salts go, you don't mean bath tub when you say "tub" do you? Just a small bucket. Even a pot would work (make sure you clean it VERY well after! Lol) If you already have the salts, I suggest pushing past the laziness (I've had my fair share of it to say the least) and seeing if it helps more.

    I'm so happy you were able to benefit from the experience that I had. I'd like to encourage you to keep at it until the warts are 100% gone so that they don't slowly make their way back. My father used my method with much success but didn't follow through at the end point to kill the wart completely and now a few months later his plantar wart is back. So keep at it!

    Thanks again for sharing your story!


  11. For anyone with wart issues, I highly recommend 150 mg elemental Zinc daily for 4-6 weeks. I've been taking it for a week now and the wart under my finger nail is disappearing before my eyes...this is after 5 years of constantly painful alternative treatments.

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  13. I'm having my first experience of plantar warts - didn't know what these things were when they showed up on the sole of my foot. I'm confused about how you use the duct tape. Do you cut it to the size of the wart and stick it over the wart? Or do you just cut a square of duct tape and stick that on? Is this basic duct tape like you get at the hardware store or some other type of duct tape? You say the duct tape should be on 24/7 for several days. What happens when I shower? Do I leave it on? Take it off before showering? The podiatrist who is treating me with painful cryotherapy every two weeks, accompanied by daily application of very expensive 5% fluorouracil cream, says to keep the foot dry and not soak it. If I shower with the duct tape in place, won't moisture get under the tape and cause problems? This podiatrist also has me spraying the wart area twice daily with Arid Extra Dry deodorant spray. Have you ever heard of that? Thank you for your helpful comments about this troublesome problem.

  14. Hello,
    Thanks for addressing this issue. Although this is not a concern for many, what needs to be understood is that these are scar marks and you don’t want that to be noticed by people around you. And surely there’s nothing better than getting it treated by natural means.