Monday, May 5, 2014


So I really hit my plantar wart hard after writing that initial post and guess what? It's GONE! 

I didn't stick to the regimen I laid out in the first post, but I did rely on some if it. I used some epsom salt soaks the first few weeks, followed up by picking at the wart with tweezers (I made sure to sterilize them both before and after). I also used some oil of oregano, 10% hydrogen peroxide, Apple Cider Vinegar and eventually salicylic acid. 

Here's what I believe was the meat and potatoes of my regimen.

1. Keeping the wart covered with duct tape 24 hours a day for a few weeks, only taking the tape off to pick it out and apply one of the anti-wart agents listed above.

2. Good old salicylic acid... Believe it or not Dr. Scholl's Extra Thick Corn Removers came through big time for me. I didn't have much success the first time I tried something like this, but these guys worked awesome. It could have been because I was softening it up and getting deeper so that the acid could penetrate better, but I really think it was because of the design of the pad as well. See the cover pad actually displaces pressure to be around the wart (or corn I suppose) when you step down so it gets slightly pushed out of your foot and against the acid pad instead of back into your foot as is the case when nothing is uses, or even when tape is used. I started using these after I had used the tape for a while and was digging deep into the wart. After the acid does its damage to the wart (and surrounding skin to some degree) it will look ugly and start peeling. At this point keep at it with the regimen and persevere!

These are the pads I used... Dr. Scholl's Corn Removers, Extra Thick Pad  <---

3. Patience! It took months after hitting this thing hard to really disappear, but the good news is it continued to disappear more and more even though I wasn't keeping it covered with duct tape any longer or soaking.

And that's how to get rid of a plantar wart!

Here are the After Photos! (Go to my original post to see afters):

These 2 are from April 8, 2014


These 2 are from today, May 5 (Cinco De Mayo!)... sorry for the blurriness of the 2nd one.

So what's left now is just a little mark of where the wart had been, but there's no wart to be seen and no pain or discomfort. I don't feel anything there anymore. I hope to see that mark gone as well after some exfoliation from walking on the beach this summer.

I'll keep you updated. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!


  1. Hey man, been having the same issue so I think. Been using the acid and scraping at them. Then they stop hurting for a few days then they start ti hurt again but never fully go away. Am I going in the right direction and just need to keep at it? been doing this for about 3 months now

  2. Hey SiR! So you're using SA (salicylic acid)? Are you using the pads that I mentioned? The ones I used were corn pads and not actual wart pads. Not sure if it made a difference or not... the important thing is using something that puts pressure AROUND the wart therefore pushing the wart face out from the skin instead of pushing it in. You have to expose the face of the wart to the acid.

    The duct tape and epsom salt soaks are instrumental as well as they help to expose the wart face further. the fact that epsom salt soaks are intended to pull toxins out from your body probably helps as well. In fact I was able to get rid of a couple patches of small warts (not plantar) on my toes when I was kid doing epsom soaks only.

    the duct tape "suffocates" the wart and also gets that "I've been wearing a band aid too long" effect going on the skin. Basically it softens it up and allows for the acid to penetrate further into the wart as well.

    You could try making a commitment to wearing the duct tape 24/7 for the next few weeks, only taking it off to do soaks and to pick the warts out (make sure you sterilize everything and not touch yourself with any tools used until sterilized again to avoid spreading the warts) and maybe apply something like hydrogen peroxide (higher than 3% could be extra helpful if it doesn't hurt too much) before putting the tape back on. This all should help to start exposing the wart faces. At that point start the pads and try your best to keep them on as long as possible as they sometimes fall off.

    Most of all don't get discouraged! You can get rid of these! A diet low in sugar (even natural sugars) and carbs could help as well. In the long term, improving your health and immune system should help you ward off future warts and will help you recover from these current pets as well. If you're familiar with the Paleo Diet or Primal Blueprint Diet (generally healthy diets) try sticking to something along the lines of those. Make sure not to go too low carb and avoid eating many nuts and seeds as well. You'll want to keep your omega 6 fats down as well as mineral robbing antinutrients like phytic acid. Bust first things first, just get used to eating naturally and avoiding processed foods if not already doing so. Healthy diet is both an objective and subjective concept as well as a long term commitment that always evolves. It's a marathon, however the power of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is incredible.